Company Customized Programs can be created to meet the needs of your organization. As part of the customization process, we can pull together content from any number of seminar offerings covering a wide range of topics. We can also weave in some of your own examples, data or templates to reinforce the learnings you want to share during the training.

These programs typically range from 5-15+ attendees and can be in-person, virtual or some hybrid combination. These programs provide the most flexibility and can even be split up by providing different training modules for various groups or team members within the organization. Many organizations have created programs that have been used to not only help train team members across various parts of the company, but also used to level set skills and provide an opportunity for cross functional learning and sharing.

Company Customized Programs can also be used to help certify team members and provide interactive opportunities to create applied learning sessions to make sure the information being shared can be implemented using company specific reports, mock focus groups, internal data workshops, and much more.

For all of our Company Customized Programs we typically suggest 30, 60, or 90, day action plan follow ups that can be conducted internally by the company, or we can help support the ongoing implementation efforts of what was learned.

Pricing for these programs generally offer a substantial cost savings over sending individual team members to public seminar offerings.

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