“The virtual format was very engaging and efficient. I haven't attended a Burke seminar in person, but I did not feel like I wanted this to be in-person at any point. I actually have been trying to attend a Burke seminar for at least a few years now, but could not make it happen due to the extra commitment involved with travel, time off work, time away from family, etc. The virtual format allowed me to finally attend.”

Senior Research Specialist, American Honda Motor Co.

“The seminar was fantastic. I got some great review and A TON of new tips and tricks. The online learning environment is challenging and I think Burke did a great job navigating that and [the seminar leader] and the team were just fantastic.“

Senior Project Manager, InterEthnica

“Thank you thank you thank you! I really enjoyed the seminar. Normally I groan when there are virtual trainings and instructors call on you to make sure you are paying attention. However, the level of engagement was perfect with this training, and it felt natural! I did not feel scared like I had to always be on my toes with the correct answer to questions. I was able to stay engaged and attentive during the whole virtual training, which is difficult to do, kudos!!!!”

Lead Analyst, Market Intelligence, Stryker

“Overall, I thought the virtual experience was very effective. Given the choice of in-person taking multiple days involving traveling vs. virtual, I will definitely choose virtual in the future.”

Senior Market Research Manager, AMD

“The virtual experience was very smooth! I appreciated the short session the day before the seminar started to test out tech. I also enjoyed the use of breakout rooms to split up the content and ensure what we were learning was coming through.”

Senior Analyst, Cruise

“I enjoyed the virtual seminar experience. I enjoyed the experience of the "break out rooms". I felt this aspect of the seminar allowed us to still have that "in-person" experience and collaboration with other participants. Although we were not in-person we still had ample amounts of opportunity to speak up and ask questions and were encouraged to do so throughout the entire session. It never felt like we were interrupting or intruding.”

Marketing Research & Analysis Specialist, Cook Medical

This was the most informative seminar/workshop I have EVER attended. Not only do I feel like I have gained a wealth of knowledge I didn't have before, but the knowledge is also practical and applicable. My team and I will benefit from these learnings tremendously…The mix of course work and exercises, and a sense of humor made the seminar a joy to attend."

Lead Clinician, R&D, Kao USA

“I was nervous for a virtual seminar experience, but it went much better than expected. The breakout rooms were nice to meet other attendees, apply knowledge and break up the sessions.“

Associate Strategist, GlynnDevinsh

“While this was a virtual seminar, I don't feel that we lost anything by not being in person. [Seminar leader] and team did a great job of keeping us engaged and I loved the breakout sessions and use of technology.“

VP, Strategy & UX , Ntara

“The virtual experience exceeded my expectations. The breakout groups were great and seamless.”

Senior Analyst Consumer Insights, Celebrity Cruises

“Given the circumstances and the inability to meet in-person, the virtual setting was very well executed. The ability to interact was surprisingly easy.”

Research Analyst, Directions Research

“The virtual experience was great! I think the half days (rather than full days were good). [Seminar host] was awesome about helping with technical difficulties. I lost audio once and had to reboot. She was able to get me back in my breakout room quickly. I appreciated all of the background work that was done to keep things moving smoothly.”

Sr. Market Research Analyst, UnitedHealth Group

“I was able to stay engaged virtually and I enjoyed getting to meet others in the breakout groups.”

Graduate Research Executive, Branding Science

“The virtual experience was well done. I don't feel that I lost any value doing it virtually.”

Research Analyst, Shelton Group

“I love the virtual seminar experience. With young kids in the house, it makes it more accessible for me to participate. I am thankful to have the opportunity.”

Project Manager, Summit Research

“The virtual seminar ran very smoothly. I am happy Burke has virtual seminars available (although I know due to COVID). Since I am located in Chicago, I might not have been able to attend an in-person seminar even during normal times.”

Lead Market Research & Analysis Manager, AT&T

“I was impressed with the breakout groups in the virtual environment. It was an unexpected, but enjoyable experience.”

Customer Satisfaction Program Manager, Sheetz

“The virtual seminar experience was great. I was pleasantly surprised about the level of interaction that was possible online.”

Assistant Brand Strategist, Garrison Hughes

“Loved the virtual experience. Just the right amount of people in the class.”

Market Research Analyst, CVS Health

“The online seminar experience overall was great. The instructor was able to keep us engaged throughout the class and made sure we all participated.”

Account Executive, C+C

“The virtual experience was great. The number of hours was perfect.

Insights Consultant, Crucial Data

“The workshops, breakout rooms and homework were very helpful in cementing the concepts in my mind, as well as creating a rapport with the rest of the group.”

Consumers Insights Strategist, Pacific Gas & Electric

“The virtual seminar experience was helpful as I don't have to travel, and can learn from the comfort of my home.”

Program Scientist, Church & Dwight

“The virtual seminar experience was good. I appreciated we had time with a different person each time.”

Manager, Insights, Crossroads Church

“The virtual experience ran very smoothly.”

Client Service Manager, StandPoint