In this limited enrollment 4-day workshop designed for the active focus group moderator, you will learn:

  • How to select the specialized techniques which work best for idea generation, concept development, positioning, advertising, and other research applications.
  • How to setup and run a number of techniques by first practicing them from a participants point of view then leading the techniques from a moderators perspective.
  • Techniques include - projective techniques such as personification, party/family brands, word and thought bubble drawings, collages, laddering, storytelling, mind mapping, card sorts and others.
  • How to lead each of these techniques by practicing them throughout the course including having the opportunity to lead a one hour focus group on the final day of the course using participants recruited from the local community where you will be videotaped and critiqued by one of the seminar leaders.
  • How to handle the mechanics associated with obtaining facilities, recruiting participants and working with clients behind the one way mirror.
  • What alternative approaches to the traditional focus group are being used to get the most out of participants.