"Fantastic! Even though I have an M.S. in stats I have never had such a clear picture of how to apply stat techniques before. Wonderful examples to explain the theories, ideas, philosophies – superb (speaker)! Helped motivate me to expand my use of different techniques and explore more possibilities."

Marketing Research Analyst, Consumers Energy

"Seminar is worth its weight in gold! Right from the beginning I was revising a presentation in my head to the extent possible. Anxious to return to the office and implement. (The speaker), as usual, top notch. Stimulating, holds interest."

Market Analyst, Exxon Mobil

"This is certainly one of the finest Practical Education seminars that I have experienced. Compression and dissemination of a bona-fide one-year's Master's program in Predictive Analytics into a four-day foundational course, in such a thoughtful and effective manner, was fascinating to watch/absorb as it unfolded."

Business Systems Analyst, Coastal.com

"Fantastic. I have a Masters Degree and Ph.D. from Harvard and have attended all kinds of conferences. This was the best ever. It is so practical, full of useful and powerful information."

Planning Analyst, ConAgra

"I cannot imagine being a moderator without taking this course. (Speaker) was truly inspiring--brilliant, funny, and so knowledgeable. The other students were encouraging, respectful, interesting, and great for networking. What a well-spent 4 days. I began the pursuit of a client base as soon as I returned home to Boston. I am still feeling "charged." The hotel was great and reasonably priced compared to what I am accustomed to. I can't stop raving about my "Burke Institute course." What an edifying 4 days. Thank you!"

Independent Qualitative Researcher

"This course was absolutely essential for me to attend. It was like taking a semester course in 3 days! The material was extremely relevant and applicable to my work. I will definitely plan to attend future Burke Institute courses."

Marketing Research & Analysis Specialist, Cook Medical

This was the most informative seminar/workshop I have EVER attended. Not only do I feel like I have gained a wealth of knowledge I didn't have before, but the knowledge is also practical and applicable. My team and I will benefit from these learnings tremendously…The mix of course work and exercises, and a sense of humor made the seminar a joy to attend."

Commercial Analysis, GlaxoSmithKline

"I have 8 years of market research experience, including experience with nearly all of the methodologies covered in the course material. However, I've never had a better understanding of these topics until now. The course is more than just teaching you how to understand the output, but how to understand the theory behind the content, the process of running the data and also the interpretation of the results. EXCELLENT!"

Associate Research Manager, Clear Seas Research

“Well done! This was the best training I think I have ever attended. Scaled perfectly for real world application with lots of examples to help think through.”

Market Research Analyst, Driscolls

"I totally recommend this seminar. I am also going to encourage my company to consider a custom tailored program by the Burke Institute."

Senior Research Analyst, ESPN International

"Very impressed. I have never been disappointed with any Burke seminar I have attended. Very professionally done. Excellent examples for using data. Excellent presentation."

Marketing Research Consultant, Foremost Insurance Company

“It is extraordinary that in 4 solid days of training, every minute is valuable! Instructors’ experience, skills as teachers and enthusiasm are all superb.”

Director of Research & Analytics, Peter Mayer Advertising

"Wow! A tremendous amount of information condensed into 4 days with just the right level of depth on each technique/procedure. Seems like a semester’s worth of content."

Manager, Frito-Lay

“The seminar was fantastic! Seminar Leader was an amazing instructor with great knowledge in the field of market research and a delivery that made the class interesting. I would appreciate the opportunity to attend additional Burke Seminars. Thank you!”

Research Associate, ThinkGen

"This was the first Burke seminar I have attended and I was very pleased with the content covered. The seminar provided me with a better understanding of relating statistics to market research objectives/issues - more than I learned in my graduate level Data Analysis course. He was an excellent speaker and did a great job of conveying the applicability of the techniques as well as the foundation behind each - he did a great job of simplifying a complex topic."

Market Research Manager, Bacardi

“The gradual process of developing a discussion guide through the homework was terrific. And the opportunity to use it to practice our new skills in a real-life setting was invaluable.”

Insights Lead, Mars Petcare

“This was the best market research course I have ever taken. The teacher and the content were perfect for the topics. The instructor was exceptionally outstanding!”

Market Research Manager, NACE International

"Great. In truth, much more useful than I expected. I have a lot of moderating experience and wondered if I could pick up new information – I have. Particularly in terms of ideation and concept testing."

Customer Insight Manager, Intuit

"This was an amazing workshop! I had read a lot of great things about it and was really looking forward to it, and it exceeded my expectations. I learned a lot of new things even within the first few minutes of the workshop starting and am looking forward to applying all that I learned to the work I do. I also look forward to taking more workshops from Burke!”

Brand & Consumer Insights Analyst, Whole Foods Market

“I loved the seminar! I learned not only how to think more critically, but also think creatively!”

Research Analyst, Nylabone

"The seminar was terrific, just like past Burke Institute seminars I've taken. It's been some 30 years since I last attended a Burke Seminar but they haven't lost their excellence."

Manager, New Product and Business Development, Purina

"(Seminar leader) did an outstanding job with presenting the materials. I am always energized from Burke classes and feel more knowledgeable afterwards. I actually tell people that I get more out of these classes than what I got out of my college education!"

Market Research Analyst/AVP, PNC

"One of the most valuable seminars I ever attended - got my money's worth and more. Seminar very applicable to what I do on the job and was presented in a dynamic way, information packed. Workbook extremely helpful. I appreciate (the speaker) taking extra time before and after the seminar to work with us regarding specific needs/questions."

Scientist, Kimberly-Clark

"Great. Most subjects applicable to my day to day job. Definitely worthwhile. (Speaker) wonderfully knowledgeable and articulate. Did a solid job of tailoring seminar to meet needs of attendees."

Marketing Research Manager, Microsoft

"I would highly recommend this class and teacher to my colleagues. I have learned more in this one week than I have in all of my training over the previous few years! (Speaker) was best instructor that I've ever had the pleasure to learn from. Very engaging and understanding of our individual needs!"

Senior Data Architect, Sykes

“I felt the course was designed so I would be able to use what I learned immediately. The practice session and focus group I moderated on the last day were extremely helpful.”

Leadership Development Specialist, Sheetz

“Great content with a nice mix of conceptual idea, approach, and real world examples.”

Director Consumer Insights, Pfizer Consumer Healthcare

“I think this seminar was fantastic, exactly what I was looking for in this training. I feel I have a new set of tools to arm myself with in order to draw so much more out of my focus groups.”

Manager Consumer Insights, Universal Studios Resort