This hands-on workshop is designed for individuals who must write or evaluate questionnaires. Specifically, you will learn:

  • How to avoid the common pitfalls in writing questionnaires for in-person, phone, web and mobile surveys.
  • How to plan and flowchart a questionnaire to guide the overall logic and enhance the survey taking experience.
  • How to phrase questions; when to use open-ended and closed-ended questions and how to choose the most appropriate rating, ranking, multiple choice, check-list or other approaches.
  • How to phrase difficult questions dealing with memory, knowledge and sensitive subjects and how to measure the importance of product attributes.
  • How to administer questionnaires to substantially improve response rates and improve the quality of your results by incorporating some of the industry’s best practices and learnings based on R&D examples and case studies.
  • How to bring all the learning together in a team based workshop designing a questionnaire.