In this course, we will highlight common myths surrounding modern sample acquisition and share how best to navigate and guard against these misconceptions. Sampling experts will share data from recent R&D, detailing the prevalence of quality threats and their potential impact on the composition of samples and the integrity of the resulting data.

Specifically, you’ll:

  • Gain knowledge about the evolving online sample landscape and learn the importance of thorough and active sample management
  • Discover how strong sample design paired with preemptive and in-survey quality detection methods can help ensure high sample quality and confidence in your results and insights
  • See data from different types of online sources that demonstrate the importance of decision-making based on blended information from today’s sample landscape

This course will empower you to think strategically about sample and to make better, more informed decisions throughout the insights projects you lead or outsource. You’ll be well equipped to strengthen your partnerships with current and future sample providers.