This 2.5-day comprehensive seminar is designed to help marketing research practitioners obtain a complete understanding of conjoint analysis and discrete choice modeling, starting with the design process through utility estimation to translating results into actionable information. You will learn:

  • What conjoint analysis and discrete choice modeling do, how to use them, when to use them and what are their marketing applications.
  • How to select attributes and levels; how to determine the most appropriate type of analysis: adaptive, full profile, or choice based conjoint; how to collect data; and the number of profiles each respondent should evaluate.
  • What are utilities, how they are estimated, and how to use them in further analysis.
  • How to design an effective conjoint analysis study using ACA and CBC from Sawtooth Software.
  • How to interpret simulation results and translate them into actionable information.
  • Latest developments in individual level discrete choice analysis techniques such as Hierarchical Bayes, Latent Class or Mixture Modeling.
  • Alternate techniques for pricing research.