Russ Rubin joined Cambiar as an Associate in 2013. His passion and expertise focuses on helping market researchers achieve greater business impact. His primary role at Cambiar includes helping increase the influence of research professionals through enhanced communications skills and a broader understanding of the total business situation.

Prior to joining Cambiar, Russ spent 32 years at General Mills and 6 years at MarketTools. During his time at General Mills, Russ held leadership positions in a number of business units. He turned around an 85 person internal full service research firm and started and led the international research function. He also worked and lived in Switzerland for 3 years as part of the start-up team for Cereal Partners Worldwide, a strategic joint venture between Nestle and General Mills. At MarketTools, Russ held several different roles: SVP-Sales, SVP-Client Services and SVP-Strategic Accounts.

In all of his positions, Russ has always emphasized having a complete and total focus on doing what’s right for the business and not doing research for the sake of doing research. His leadership strategy has been to always share the consumer/customer point of view (even when it isn’t asked for).

Russ holds a B.S. in Management Science and an M.S. in Industrial Administration, both from Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh PA. Russ’ personal passion is travel and culture. He has visited over 75 countries and has conducted research in over 40 of these countries. If you ask him, he loves to talk about these experiences.