In this two-day seminar on industry best practices for online and mobile research, you will learn:

  • Implications of recent research developments in online/mobile research – including effects associated with survey length,questionnaire layout, and using different data collection methodologies.
  • The nuts-and-bolts of writing effective online/mobile questionnaires, gamification techniques and how to conduct “multi-mode” research.
  • Mobile research – intentional versus unintentional research. What are industry best practices and pros and cons on how these issues may impact the design of your research?
  • How to obtain and develop samples for Web surveys – and ways to reduce concerns that the people responding are not representative of the target population.
  • Latest developments in biometric research techniques including neuroscience, eye tracking and other methods for gathering information.
  • The different approaches your company can take with respect to survey design, programming and hosting – from doing it all in-house to working with full-service providers.
  • Panels, river sampling and the use of routers